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Image by Tanner Mardis
Our History

Congregation Etz Chaim is a Reform Jewish Congregation welcoming diverse appreciation of our shared traditions.

Founded in 1984, with services led by members in members’ homes, Congregation Etz Chaim welcomes all and our services are led by Rabbi David Abrahams.  We work to worship, educate, reinforce and expand our religious lives while supporting one another and our greater Rochester community.  These are the basic tenets of our congregation. Our diverse membership includes those who have grown up in practicing Orthodox Conservative and Reform families, cultural Jewish and interfaith families choosing to raise their children in the Jewish Faith.

Worship, education and community are our goals.  Members assist in furthering these goals by hosting Onegs and participating on the Bimah at services. We are a “hands-on” congregation.  All members are asked to contribute not just their dues but also their time to make all of our services and programs meaningful and successful.

Working together toward common goals forges relationships and can inspire our members to stretch outside their comfort zones to embark on paths of personal growth.  One congregant, a retired shop teacher, decided to build a new Ark for the Etz Chaim Torahs.  He attended classes to learn to create stained glass art. The doors of this Ark were his first stained glass project.  Starting with his own design, it took him some years to complete our new Ark. What a mitzvah!!

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